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ça m'arrive de penser à toi mais bon on peut pas revenir en arrière ! En tout cas j'oublie pas ce que tu m'as donné et t'en serais toujours reconnaissante ! Ah et ce que t'as du pouvoir lire sur fb, ça ne parlait pas de toi !
Alala - 11.03.2009 | 0 réactions | #link | rss
I'm alone, i'm alone even if i'm with you. I speak to myself, to my heart, to my tears, i speak to the wind which touch softly my skin and i wonder why i'm so lonely. i sleep with you, i smell your hair, i feel love around, i hear you breathing, i hear you. i'm in love in the middle of the night. My eyes drink the dark mood, i drink your dream, i want to fall asleep too, i don't want to be afraid anymore. No pain anymore. I'm safe into your arms.

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