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Ouais, Genève ça pue du cul ! ^^' t'as bien fsit de citer cette ville ! Et j'ai bien aimé cet article aussi !]]>
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sur: Eunice aphroditois aka. Bobbit Worm (shaun)
im not swimming ever again.]]>
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sur: Eunice aphroditois aka. Bobbit Worm (John Cavaquinho)
I think you should have to pass an examination and buy a $100/year license before being allowed to use a computer. That might get rid of some of the rubbish that ends up online. I hate freedom.]]>
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sur: Eunice aphroditois aka. Bobbit Worm (Ryan)
Cool post, zoomed in version of a worm. Did you know that macro shot of insects can be taken using a kit lens as well?

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sur: Eunice aphroditois aka. Bobbit Worm (robert davis)
that's pretty lame of you to spread bogus information. these animals do not have penises, so your attribution of the nomenclature is b.s.]]>
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sur: Thailand: Semiclosed Rebreather (Kevin Black) Url: http://www.kiwidiver.com

Great articles on your adventures in diving in Thailand. Next you want to try the new PADI fully closed rebreather courses on the Poseidon rebreather!! - good luck with it]]>
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sur: Eunice aphroditois aka. Bobbit Worm (wormer)
wohw, f.ck you worm! ]]>
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sur: Eunice aphroditois aka. Bobbit Worm (Konstantin)
That seems not to be true about their sexual behaviour - mostly Polychaetes spawn their eggs and sperm directly into the water and never "date" with each other. Some squid females cut male's genital tentacles, and sometimes can eat the whole male, if he's not fast enough. But for worms I doubt this is true.]]>
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sur: Eunice aphroditois aka. Bobbit Worm (eunice)
that worm is ok with me so long as it is harmful and hurts things ok with me]]>
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sur: Thailand Comfort food (antonio)
You unfaithful friend!!!!

I trusted you!!!!

You broke our sacred woe: no McDonald's without me!

You know the penalty: I'll go eat at McDonald's without you! I am truly sorry but that's how it is!

PS: Délifrance? Come oooon :)]]>
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