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Little Eared Blenny hiding... He does look a bit simple minded ; )

Fish - Eared Blenny - Cirripects auritus
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Little crab walking on the soft white sand...

Little crab on white sand

It also reminds me that it has been a while since I had some nice sea food. Not that you could have eaten that little fellow. He was about the size of a finger nail.
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Taking pictures with long exposures... sometime you have to visualise what the result will be. Since in these cases what you see on the camera and what you see with your eyes is pretty different.

Whitetip reef shark

Whitetip reef shark
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Definitely one of the most beautiful flowers on the world...

Whitetip reef shark
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One of the few pictures I got from a shark... not easy to get good ones as every time the visibility was very bad. And they get scared by divers, they won't stay nicely close to you to get a few shots.

Whitetip reef shark
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When you look at the picture you understand why this fish is called Oritental Sweetlips : )

Oriental Sweetlips

On the other hand, I would not try to kiss him...
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Sometimes you have great dives by simply sitting on the ground at around 20M and watch the mantas passing by.

It is impressive to see them swim by as close as 2 meters. You have to consider that the biggest specimens reach over 6 meters. So it is by no mean small.

Giant Manta - Maldives

Giant Manta - Maldives
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I have to admit it is hard to be back in Switzerland when you have spent almost two full weeks on the Maldives.

I made some very nice pictures, but I'll need to process them first.

But to start with, a usual postcard picture. It should give you an idea what kind of place it was.

Olhuveli beach - Maldives - Paradise
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no way !

There are many places I whish to discover, to re-visit...

Hong Kong is one of them...

7 Eleven, Dog, Hongkong

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keeps your doctor away!

Red apple

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I know that the terrorist attack in 2001 in New York was a sock for the world. But it is impressive and worrying how much it has affected the life of the people in New York.

New York Subway - Metro - United States - 1st Avenue - Houston Street

We took the subway, like most of the time as it gets you easy round the place. And suddenly there was a bang followed by the light that turned off for around 1 second. The train stopped and the light where shimmering for very few seconds. And the train moved on to the next station.

The thing that surprised me is how many people started crying and got extremely anxious and scarred. I had about the same thing in the Hong Kong subway and there almost no one was nervous about the situation.

I really feel like the United States citizens are living with a huge amount of fear all the time.

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I guess you can't go to New York and not see any squirrels unless you avoid all the parks.

They are know to have been used to the human contact... well let's say they know that many people like to feed them and that we, humans, are a good source for easy food.

Squirrel - New York - United States - Park - Central Park

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A picture from Ground Zero in New York. The place where the Twin Towers have been standing.

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Some nice pictures of Anemone fishes, the first two pictures are Orange Anemone fishes (Amphiprion sandaracinos).

Damselfish - Orange Anemone fish - Amphiprion sandarcinos

Damselfish - Orange Anemonefish - Amphiprion sandarcinos

This one is, from what I could find out a False Clown anemone fish (Amphiprion ocellaris), so it is not the one from the movie Nemo.

But I have to be honest that I have some doubts, it could well be a Clown fish (Amphiprion Percula) I have in the picture, it is damn hard to tell the difference.

And most pictures you get on the internet might well be wrongly named...

Damselfish - False Clown anemone fish - Amphiprion ocellaris

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North Sulavesi in March is still a very rainy place to be, as we had during our transfer day from the Tasik Ria resort close to Manado to the Lembeh Strait Resort.

The picture here shows that not only the sewer system is not the best in the world around this place but also that the rain is quit heavy.

Rain on the Indonesian road - North Sulavesi

On the other hand, the temperature is always nice and the rain usually shouldn't last too long as you can see:

Sun and Clouds - Lembeh Strait Resort

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Sometimes you take pictures of stuff that doesn't really look interesting. And sometimes it will never be because you are not able to capture it in an great way.

Like this mask we had in our bungalow at the Lembeh Strait Resort. It was only with the light next to the bed and all the other light turned of that I suddenly wanted to take a picture of it.

Indonesian Mask - Shadow and light

I guess the result it not too bad, but maybe I should have gotten the tripod to make the picture a bit sharper as I had to crank the ISO up to 1600, open the aperture full at 2.8, and a low shutter speed to 1/15th.

But on the other hand, I wanted to go to bed at that time and not spend another 20 minutes for a photo ;)

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Lorena Bobbitt, known for cutting of the penis of her husband back in 1993 in the US... This is where the fellow here got his name:

Eunice aphroditois aka. Bobbit Worm

Commonly know as Bobbit Worm, the reason why he got this lovely name is due to the fact that the female worm attacks the male penis and feeds it to her young after mating...

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Small change, as I have decided to write in English instead of French for the future articles...

So, where have I been lately?

I have been in North Sulavesi, Indonesia for a two week dive trip. First week diving in Bunaken national park and the second week in Lembeh Strait. Diving was great and as usual I have around 1000 pictures I have to look at and delete all the ones that are not worth keeping.

So expect some nice pictures to come

Small Lizard

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Petit voyage du dimanche ; Genève, Hong Kong.

Swiss Francs (CHF) and Hong Kong Dollards (HKD)

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Petite balade dans le Park de Hong Kong. Le problème, le temps est couvert donc c'est loin d'être idéal pour prendre des photos.

Mais on fait avec, voici une petite tour de 30 m dans le parc ou il est possible de monter pour avoir une petite vue.

Hong Kong Park

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