So what is the diving like? Well I have to admit that visibility in the bay is ranging from horrible to very bad.
But ! Fantastic wreck diving on a wreck, the HTMS Khram.

HTMS Khram, image by Alex Beuchel

More info on the wreck: here

Very nice dive, first at 28 meters where we swam along the boat next to the bottom with lots of fish creating a shield. So one side the boat and on the other all the fish that was surrounding us.

Second dive was on the same spot, so this time we went on the top of the wreck with a little swim trough at on the front of the wreck. Guess that the Wreck Speciality is on my list of to do in order to be allowed to penetrate the wreck.

Got myself a little sun burn, not that bad... let's say that when I looked in the mirror the colour of my bum and the colour of my back was distinctively different... The only real annoyance was on the next day when putting the wetsuit on, it does get a bit uncomfortable on the back but that feeling disappear once in the water.