So what else have I done over the last days?... I spent most of the time reading in order to be prepared for the rescue diver course. I have to say that I really had a good time and the learning was really useful.

It also includes a part of Emergency First Response. So now if someone is in need I can say; My name is Alex, I am an emergency responder. May I help? Or for the dive part; Diver diver, I'm a rescue diver. May I assist you?

But the really hard part is in the water, we spent hours in the swimming pool doing rescue exercises and another two day in the water where we applied the skilled learning in the pool.

One of the exercises on the second day was conducting a search for a lost diver. Visibility was ranging from one meter to around 30cm. And to make it even harder, there was a strong current. We didn't find the dummy body, but at least we knew what we could improve. And also it did help the moral a bit that after the training the two divers who planted the body didn't find it again either...

So we did lose some things, I also lost my pair of fins in one of the exercise where I had to carry someone up the boat on the ladder and someone lost a mask.

The only thing we did find on the way back was a group of divers where one was exhausted and lost a fin. So we ended the day with an actual rescue and brought the diver back to his boat.

The day I did all the reading I went for some nice lunch at the beach, noodles soup with chicken from one of the carts on the street; 30 Bath, so 1.- CHF... and another 27 Bath for 750ml water and an ice cream on the 7eleven.
So as you can see the food is cheap, and I have to say that these street carts sell really good food. And I'm not just saying this because it is cheap.
And then the snack on the evening:

Snack, grasshoper and frogs

So we have Grasshopper and small frogs, deep fried.
And as a bonus : )

about to eat a grasshoper

I have to say that the frog, and I don't like to admit it, really tastes like chicken... the grasshopper on the other hand. No clue, it has some taste that is familiar put can't really define it. Must have been de seasoning they used.