Il est un optimiste
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My last try to get a picture of the moon was not really rewarding.

It looked like this:

The Moon

Today, I took my new 100-400 lens with an extender 2x, this gives you a total of 800mm on the lens. But, on the Canon EOS 40d you end up with 1280mm due to a 1.6x FOV

Anyway enough of the technical part, the result looks like this:

The Moon with a 800mm lens

And as would sing Katie Melua; Blame it on the moon !

ps: the picture was not taken with a tripod!
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Taking pictures with long exposures... sometime you have to visualise what the result will be. Since in these cases what you see on the camera and what you see with your eyes is pretty different.

Whitetip reef shark

Whitetip reef shark
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